Ignatian meditations

Below is a link to a site run by take time.org which has dozens of guided meditations in the Christian Ignatian tradition.

The biggest problem for many of us when we try to meditate is staying focused. Ignatian meditation uses the imagination to construct a setting which becomes the backdrop for the experience and helps with that focus. You are helped to imagine yourself “in the story”.

Although the meditations are each based on an episode from the Christian gospels, no religious background or knowledge is required

At the heart of the meditations is the Ignatian idea of an imagined encounter with the Jesus of the bible in which we are invited to step into that situation and imagine a conversation we might have in that place.


4 different lengths

Each meditation has a 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute version to choose from so you can find the length that suits you best.

There is also a 5 minute introductory meditation on the site for you to find out if it’s the kind of thing that will be useful to you.

You can visit the site at take time.org.uk or click on the link below