Meeting Mindfulness

Meeting Mindfulness

Adding a dose of Mindfulness to your online business meetings can really aid attention and participation. With so many things on our minds fully engaging with new activities can be very challenging.

This semester we are making available SHORT (5-10 min) mindfulness sessions available to “plug-in” to your existing meetings and events.

You can choose from “on demand” videos to show yourself or book a presentation  from one of our Mindfulness Trainers.  

Watch an example of a session

Menu of sessions

  1. Meeting starter – 5 minutes (Live and recorded)
  2. Meeting ending – 5 minutes (Live and Recorded)
  3. Mindful break – 10 minutes (Live and Recorded
  4. Mindfulness Q&A – 15 minutes (Live only)
  5. A Custom Session tailored to meet your needs (contact us)

Who can request a session?

This service is available to managers, lecturers and administration staff working at QMUL. The events must include QMUL staff and or students.

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